Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Relief Cement Tile

I will never forget the first time I saw a relief cement tile.

Roseton Relief Tile

The texture was artistically integrated into the pattern to add a complexity to the floor tile. The tile stood out like a little gem and the texture on the surface provided depth and sophistication.

Roseton Relief Tile

Relief cement tile are not commonly found here in the United States. Installations are often limited to monochromatic geometric patterns for pool decks, sidewalks, and utility room floors. These tiles and designs don't capture the stunning sculpture or clever subterfuge that you'll find in today's cement tile relief designs.

Cement Tile Patterns in Relief Create Rich Texture

Today, I’m pleased to share two relief cement tile designs that are now available from Avente Tile. One is the historical Roseton pattern in two colorways.
Roseton Relief #1 Tile Roseton Relief #5 Tile

This is the pattern that first captivated me a few years back when I saw a relief cement tile. It’s easy to see why when you gaze at the the detail in the photo.

Close-up of Roseton Relief Tile

Although generally used as a flooring tile, these tiles are best suited to "working their magic" on a wall application where you are easily tempted to touch and feel the sculptured, textured design. Because the colored segments of any cement tile are hand poured in a mold, it’s easy to change the colors once the mold has been created. So, these classic patterns are easily transitioned to any color scheme.

Relief Cement Tiles Simulate Terracotta

Is it cement or is it clay? Cement tile do an amazing job at impersonating terra cotta and clay tiles. In fact, it’s almost impossible for anybody to tell the difference once installed and cement offers a lot of advantages.

Colonial Cement Tile in Relief Colonial Cement Tile in Relief

This classic Spanish colonial tile body in a Moorish design is seamlessly translated into a square body cement tile with the option of different colors including a faux grout line. Cement allows you to customize colors and still use a traditional pattern to maintain a specific style!

Colonial Pavers are simulated with cement tile

Colonial Pavers are simulated with cement tile in this monochromatic color design.

Colonial Pavers are simulated with cement tile

Spice it up with color and texture using cement tile. Here two colors were used for the "terracotta body" and the black grout line is in relief.

Colonial Pavers are simulated with cement tile

The square body cement tiles are quicker and easier to install and a narrow grout line ensures the the classic geometry is maintained. If you are thinking of using Spanish-style pavers or terracotta for your floor, consider what you can do with cement!

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