Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A tile shower installation- Time lapsed video/explanation

How to tile a shower in 48 seconds! Ah wouldn't that be nice but in reality it took a bit longer.
This will give you a great overview of the process though from sealing the cement board to wiping the tile clean.

Now for a bit of the explanations behind the process.

Here you can see the cement board and the coating is a waterproof membrane that is rolled on. It's a bit of extra security and peace of mind.

This pre-made shower niche was added by cutting into the cement board exactly where it would go and once that was done the edges were sealed with caulk to ensure against future leaks.

I had already planned out the tile layout so the next part was to actually start setting the tile.

Thin set and subway tile

As I worked my way up we then came to the layer of glass tile, which actually came in a sheet and which we cut in half for the bottom and top layers.
Glass tile in a shower

Then the addition pattern was set and the second layer of glass tile will be added above.

Tile pattern in a shower

Then the additional layers of tile are added, let to sit overnight and the grout is applied.

Tile installation complete for a shower

The grout is applied and then smoothed over as an initial cleanup with a damp sponge and allowed to sit again overnight. 
Applying grout

The final clean up with again a  damp sponge.
Tile clean up, damp sponging

The finished product!

That's the basics of tiling a shower and I do have to apologize for the yellow color in the photos. This was done as the project took place and not under showroom settings without professional lighting and such. Hopefully it will give you a good idea of what goes into tiling a bathroom shower and wouldn't it be nice if it could be really done in 48 seconds!

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