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Creative Accents with Cement Tile

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Get Creative with Cement Tile Accents

Get Creative with Cement Tile Accents

Using cement tile to incorporate a decorative element into any room or indoor/outdoor space is an attention-getting idea and design element. In this powder room, just a few cement tile are used to make a luxurious octagonal tile rug near the vanity.

Cement tiles work well with stone to create a focal point that draws your attention to the space, while adding color and interest, such as the cement tile rug created in this master bathroom using two of our tile patterns: Sosua and Geometric 10.

Traditional Sosua Handmade Cement Tile
Geometric Geo 10 Handmade Cement Tile
Geometric 10

For a more modern design, we suggest combining geometric borders together with traditional patterns. But don't let the creativity stop there! Be imaginative by fashioning borders with cut pieces of cement tile, or by alternating them with stone. Cement tiles are an ideal way to add further interest and design style when using large format tile in a room.

Fragments, Our New Cement Tile Accent Strips

Fragments - Cement Tile Mosaics for Accent.  Winter Mosaic Bar

Meet our newest line of cement tile: Fragments, tiny, tesserae that proudly carry a cement tile pedigree. Fragments are another way to get creative with cement tile.

Fragments is a colorful mosaic accent collection of patterned cement tile re-purposed from the cement tile factory.'s extras. Each piece, which is first cut into a square or rectangular tessera, is then carefully chosen on how its color and pattern will integrate with the theme of the mosaic.

Fragments is designed for wall applications because the mosaic surface is not flat. With mismatched patterns, strong grout lines, and bold colors, it'.s a great choice for a contemporary kitchen, bath or accent wall. These mosaic tiles will look marvelous in a mid-Century remodel or modern home with clean lines and neutral palettes that need color. The small and large square formats are playful and fun for casual, contemporary living. Consider using the Bar Format in a more formal or traditional style since the narrow cuts provide a softer look with its blended pattern.

Expect significant variation in samples and final orders because of the remnant tiles, patterns and colors used for each project will differ. This variation makes Fragments unique, and each installation one-of-a-kind. In addition to the four colorways available in the Fragments collections, there are also three design-friendly formats: Small Squares with 1.5" x 1.5" tesserae on a 12"x12" sheet; Large Squares with 2"x2" tesserae on a 12"x12" sheet; and a Mosaic Bar with 3/8" x 7-3/4" tesserae on a 12"x18" sheet.

Fragments are Available in Four Colorways

Spring Square Mosaic

Spring Mosaic
Summer Square Mosaic

Summer Mosaic
Fall Square Mosaic

Fall Mosaic
Winter Square Mosaic

Winter Mosaic

Tile Tip

When laying ceramic field tile for wall applications, match the grout lines or tile layout to the style of your house. Contemporary installations usually look better if clean lines are maintained. For instance, on a backsplash for a contemporary home, place 3"x6" subway tiles on a grid layout. However, the backsplash for a Spanish Revival or California Bungalow will generally look better on a grid or brick layout. Remember, this is just a rule of thumb. At the end of the day, the design should be the one that speaks to you!

Bathroom Blogfest 2012

Don't Miss the Bathroom Blogfest

Once again, Avente Tile is excited to participate in Bathroom Blogfest 2012 the last week of October. We have been involved in this event for three years. Through blogs, you can gain great perspective on bathroom and how to create a better experience. You don't have to blog to participate, just read, learn and share. This is a fun way to share and learn. We will post at least one article and focus on the customer experience and bathrooms. Who doesn't want a better bathroom experience? Look for our special post the last week of October. We'll be sharing what we find on Twitter and Facebook.

Many thanks to Christine B. Whittemore as the annual event'.s coordinator. She is the Chief Simplifier of Simple Marketing Now, LLC. Also look for our monthly blog contributor, Arpi Nalbandian, on the roster of Bathroom Blogfest participants. Arpi is an editor, writer, and founder of Tileometry. You'.ll find her contributions on Avente Tile Talk.

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