Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tile Mosaics at the Cologne Cathedral

Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Cologne, Germany as part of BlogTour Cologne and while I was there I visited The Cologne Cathedral.

First I think I should give you a little background on The Dom ( Kölner Dom, also The Cologne Cathedral)  as it was started in 1248 and completed in 1880 so the next time your contractor says it's going to take a bit longer to finish your project, think of this one. In all fairness there was a long period of time when not much was done from 1473 -1842.
The structure is totally incredible to see in person and can be seen from all over Cologne as the spires rise up 515 feet in the air. When I was walking around one day I actually used the spires to redirect me back to where I wanted to go.

If you look in the above photo to the spires at the top, they of course must be large but in fact this is an actual reproduction of one in front of The Dom. It is massive!

So this gives you a very small perspective but I hope that it helps you understand the undertaking and efforts that went into constructing this incredible structure. Everything about this building was done with grandeur, style and greatness.

Kölner Dom, The Cologne Cathedral
Looking up at The Cologne Cathedral

Now while there I also had the opportunity to view some amazing mosaic work that if you didn't look closely could assume was a painting or even a rug. Yet that would be incorrect. These mosaics are incredibly complicated and detailed with thousands of pieces that comprise each one.

Mosaics at The Dom, Cologne, Germany
Mosaics from the Cologne Cathedral 

Mosaics at The Dom, Cologne Cathedral
The detail is incredible

Mosaics at The Dom, Cologne Cathedral
Can you imagine the time and skill that was used to make these mosaics?

Mosaics at The Dom, Cologne Cathedral
Look at this closely and you'll see that various tiles are used for the shading.

Mosaics at The Dom, Cologne Cathedral
If you didn't know better you might assume this was even a rug by the detail.

Mosaics at The Dom, The Cologne Cathedral
Take a close look at the number of pieces in this mosaic and try imagining doing it.

I went back to The Dom twice during my trip and each time I saw something I had missed earlier. I tried to take as many photos as I could because they deserved to be seen by others that aren't yet able to view them in person.

Mosaics-The Cologne Cathedral

Mosaics-The Cologne Cathedral

Mosaics-The Cologne Cathedral

As you have seen the mosaic work that was done was and is after all these years outstandingly detailed and true works of art. Now add to the fact that on average over 20,000 visitors a day walk through The Cologne Cathedral is a testament to the lasting value of tile and quality workmanship.

PS: If you ever get a chance to be in Cologne, Germany you will never regret stopping and visiting The Dom. That I guarantee! 

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