Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Decorative Geometrical Tile Coda

Two weeks ago I introduced our new decorative glazed ceramic tiles. In that post, Geometrical Ceramic Tiles Ring in the New Year,  I explained how two popular cement tile patterns, our Geo 10 and Traditional Anillos, are now available in a glazed ceramic tile format.  I also promised to to share some additional forthcoming patterns and I'm excited to unveil them now.

Geometrical Ellipse A Wainscot Concept
Geometrical Ellipse A - Wainscot Concept

Ellipse is one of my favorite new motifs that works great as single or double row accent strip for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom wainscot. The simple, soothing inter-connected ellipse pattern is slightly contemporary but takes its design cue from Art Deco styles.

Geometrical Ellipse B is a new glazed ceramic tile pattern
Geometrical Ellipse B is a new glazed ceramic tile pattern

Further, the hand-painted glazes provide traditional artisan craftsmanship and variation. The patterns are all more contemporary than our traditional Spanish and Malibu lines.

Geometrical tile pattern glazes are from the Malibu Field Tile palette and make designing easy and fun. In fact, the flexibility in the Geometrical deco line lies in  the ability to pair and complement the patterns with colors from the 50+ available glazes from our Malibu Field Tile collection. To make it easy, all the colors used in the pattern are identified on the site. Malibu Field Tile are available in 3"x3", 6"x6", 4"x4", 4"x5", 6"x6" and 4" Hexagon. You'll also find a full line of trim and molding.

Aragon is another new pattern using a classic cross and quatrefoil motif.  It's available in four standard colorways.  I love the simplicity in this classic black and gray colorway.

Argon is a Moorish-inspired pattern shown here in classic black and grey
Geometrical Aragon is a Moorish-inspired pattern shown here in classic black and grey

The colors and pattern motif can really change the mood. Look what happens when the same pattern has soothing earth tones juxtaposed to charcoal to create a checkerboard. The cherry red glaze outlines each cross and makes it really pop.

Geometrical Aragon 2CD is a new decorative ceramic tile pattern
Geometrical Aragon is new pattern. Colorway 2CD is shown here.

Malibu Cherry Red is a stunning glaze with lots of natural variation. I can't wait to see a fireplace or pool sideboard adorned in the color. I'll let the color segue into another new pattern, Weave. Here, the Geometrical Weave pattern uses that bright red and white to really add a pop of color and bold design.

Weave is pattern in the new Geometrical line.
Weave is pattern in the new Geometrical line.
Shown here in Cherry Red and White.

Red not your color? Want to mix up the pattern? Look at how playful and sophisticated, this pattern can be when a mix of colors is used.

A mix of colors in the Weave pattern break all the rules
A mix of colors in the Geometrical Weave B pattern breaks all the rules

Remember, the Geometric glazed ceramic tile patterns are available in 6-, 5-, 4-, and 3-inch square formats. Each pattern is offered in at least four colorways. These high-fired, quality tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The tiles are hand-painted in the USA using the traditional "Cuerda Seca" (dry cord) technique. Expect variation in the glaze colors, as well as a slight relief from pooled glazes. These tiles can also be made for submerged wet applications, such as pools, by applying a clear overglaze. For floor applications, grit can be added to the glaze to reduce slippage. Tiles are made-to-order so please allow about four weeks, including transit times, for delivery.

Want to see more? Take a look at all of our glazed decorative Geometrical tiles. These tiles offer the prefect decorative solution.

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