Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cement Tiles Exude Warmth, Flexibility in Master Bath Redesign

Nothing excites me more than seeing a customer's installation photos. Readers of this blog know that I love color and pattern. Needless to say, I was thrilled when a customer from La Crescenta, CA called to order more tile. She was also gracious enough to send me installation photos from her previous order. As you can see, the showy bathroom uses one of our boldest, most colorful cement tile patterns, Melilla.

Melilla Cement Tile in Master Bath
Melilla Cement Tile in Master Bath

Not only did the customer embrace color and pattern, they also combined cement tile with mosaic wall tiles. With the addition of exquisite fixture details, this master bathroom is nothing short of jaw-dropping. What's more, this is a truly unique look that speaks to the homeowner's attention to detail and passion for design.

Rich cement tile patterns in warm tones play off the cool blue patina of the vanity.

View of vanity and cement tile floor from walk-in shower
View of the vanity and cement tile floor from the walk-in shower.

Cement tile rug with warm mosaics show how well
patterned cement tile can coordinate with other tile styles.

Shower bench adorned with Melilla cement
 tile and plain cement tile in terracotta

The use of traditional cement tile rugs, with full pattern flooring and more contemporary mosaic wall tile, show how cement tile can adapt and work with just about any style or theme. Another way to mix-up a design is to use warm colors in a bathroom.

Conversely, blues, aqua, turquoise and cobalt are also a sensory-pleasing choice for a bathroom because of the water metaphor. I really love seeing a pool's sideboard tile in a fire red, and the warm color choices used in this bathroom. You feel the energy and can't help but feel awake and alive!

Cement tile rug surrounded in terracotta-colored plain cement tile.

Pattern floor tiles are run to the edge of the room in the master bath. However, a traditional cement tile rug is used in the shower. Both are paired with terracotta-colored cement tile and small-format mosaic wall tile. Mixing up design style and techniques really work because the color palette flows together flawlessly. No easy task considering different vendors provided the other tiles and furnishings.

Running the pattern to the edge works well.

Also notice the appropriate use of negative space and white walls. Good design has to allow for this especially when using a rich, color pattern.

The Traditional Melilla pattern in our standard catalog colorway has a dizzying array of colors that makes it difficult to work with; however, that is also what makes it so bold and exciting when used with the right color choices.

Melilla Cement Tile Pattern - Field, Border, & Corner
Melilla Cement Tile Pattern - Field, Border, & Corner

View additional colors available within the Heritage Cement Tile Palette here 

Kudos to our customer for creating such a warm, rich and tantalizing bathroom with Avente's cement tile. Who wouldn't want to be in this bathroom? I just love everything about it!

Cement tile rug, pattern tile and plain cement tile work exquisitely together.

Feeling inspired? Want to see more cement tile design ideas, installations, and inspiration? Let us help with our design ideas.

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