Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cement Tile Base Trim Ideas

A frequent question is, "How do I finish the base of my cement tile floor?" The simplest answer, use cement tile base trim!

Cement Tile Base Trim
Cement Tile Base Trim Cooridnates with Patterned Tile & Edge

Cement tile base trim comes with a bull nose edge that transitions nicely to the wall. You can also coordinate with colors used in the pattern as shown above.

Cement Tile Base Trim Installation Showing Bullnose Edge
Cement Tile Base Trim Installation Showing Bullnose Edge

Want to kick it up a notch? Add a higher toe kick like this…

Cement Tile Base Trim Installation with High Toe-Kick
Cement Tile Base Trim Installation with High Toe-Kick

Cement tile base trim comes in 3" X 8" or 5.5" x 8" to match grout lines on standard 8” x 8” cement tile dimensions. Other sizes are available too. You can purchase cement tile base trim with a polished or unpolished finish to match the tile's finish. Remember, you can select the base trim in any of the 85 colors found in our Heritage Color Palette to coordinate with our Artist Series, Cuban Heritage, Geometric, Textured, or Traditional cement tile.

Cove Base Trim
Coved Base Trim

Other Base Trim Options

We also provide coved ceramic base trim and other trim options. Our ceramic tile is available in over 300 glazes, so we can match it to your cement tile colors. Additionally, you might consider using painted wood trim or stained wood trim for the base board. There are lots of options. Don’t be afraid to be creative or try something different. In fact, a customer recently used rough cut barn wood for the base board.


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I was reading @theDecorGirl's post today and love what she had to say about crown molding accents. Her words apply to cement tile base trim.

Read the post:
Crown Molding – To Paint or Not To Paint to Match What?

What's her point? Only highlight molding IF it is really something worth highlighting.

Now, look at the images and the trim used above. Cement tile generally steals the show and you can see why the bold trim works so well in the first image.