Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gourmet Garden Vegetable Tiles

One of my favorite things about summer is fresh vegetables and fruit. Living in Southern California, I’m lucky to get great produce year-round at the farmer’s market. But nothing beats the fresh-picked oranges, lemons, lettuce and tomatoes offered by my neighbors. Our Gourmet Garden Gloss tiles and Matte tiles capture the feeling of having fresh picked fruits and vegetables in your kitchen.

Garden Vegetables Hand Painted Tile
Hand Painted Summer Harvest 8" x 8" Tile

These beautifully hand painted relief tiles make you feel at home. Their slightly uneven edges create a charming uniqueness. The rich colors add warmth to your kitchen.

Our Gourmet Garden line features vegetable-themed tiles that are hand painted with either a gloss or matte finish. They pair well with tumbled marble, travertine or light-colored stone.

The glossy finish is often used to accent ceramic field tiles; but, it also creates a nice contrast that pops when placed with matte tiles, as you can see in this installation.

Hand Painted Garden Vegetable Tile Installation - Gloss
Hand Painted Vegetable Tile Installation (Gloss)

Because each tile is hand painted, the fruit and vegetable colors can be slightly customized. You can choose purple grapes instead of burgundy. Or, just yellow squash instead of Italian. Notice the differences in coloring between the Hand Painted Summer Harvest tile in matte featured (top of page) and the gloss finish in the installation photo above? If needed, the tile background can also be modified to work with your field tile or counter.

Hand Painted Gourmet Garden Gloss Eggplant Tile
Hand Painted Eggplant Tile (4"x4" Gloss)

The backsplash below uses 4"x4" vegetable tiles in a checkerboard pattern and framed with a twig border created by the same artist. The matte finish accents natural tumbled stone, travertine or marble. The slightly uneven edges of each hand painted fruit and vegetable tile creates a rustic and charming touch.

Hand Painted Garden Vegetable Tile Installation
Hand Painted Vegetable Tile Installation (Matte)

Our Gourmet Garden tiles create a classic kitchen theme: fresh picked fruits and vegetables.

Garden Vegetables Hand Painted Tile
Hand Painted Tomato Tile (4"x4" Matte Finish)

Tiles are available in a 4"x4" or 8"x8" format. Accent tiles are also available in 3"x3" and 2"x2" sizes. We recommend using Gourmet Garden Matte tiles with our Celtic Cedar 4" x 4" or Celtic Botticino 4" x 4". Or, pair with your own natural stone tiles in earth-tones. These hand painted relief tiles provide the feeling of fresh fruits and vegetables in your kitchen each and very day.

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