Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tile Talk Newsletter - July 2011

Project Pick: Alcala Cement Tile on Bath Wall

Alcala Cement Tile Bath Installation

Cement tile patterns create distinctive and eye-catching accents for wall and backsplash installations. They pair well with wood and natural stone, especially when the pattern's colors "pull-out" the natural materials that share the space.

In this bath installation, notice how nicely the wood tones match the brown tones in the tile? The neutral colors in the stone balance the bold tile pattern that makes it easy to love. Our Traditional Alcala Cement Tile pattern was customized using blues and yellows that complement the browns in the tile and the wood. The pattern is used as accent strips along the edges of the room. The full pattern is placed on one wall that is reflected from the mirror. This approach keeps the room from getting too busy - especially when a mirror reflects the tile's pattern.

Traditional Alcala Cement Tile
Traditional Alcala Cement Tile

All of our Traditional Cement Tiles provide amazing design flexibility since they can be customized using the colors from our Heritage Color Palette.

Geo Cement Tile Traditional Cement Tile Cuban Heritage Cement Tile Heritage Solid Color Cement Tile
Geo Traditional Cuban Heritage Solids

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Cement Tile Base Trim Installation with High Toe-Kick

The days are hot and so is our Cuban Tile Sale. This deal will make you dance! You can Salsa, Tango or Twist and get 10% off all Cuban Heritage Tiles when you spend $500 or more. Just mention coupon code TANGO when you place your phone order.

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Design Tip:

Highlight base trim molding IF there is really something worth highlighting. Patterned cement tile floors generally steal the show so a bold trim works well in these installations.

Tile Tip:

On cement tile floor installations, consider using cement tile base trim. It comes with a bull nose edge that transitions nicely to the wall. You can also coordinate with colors used in the pattern like the installation below.

Cement Tile Base Trim
Cement Tile Base Trim Cooridnates with Patterned Tile & Edge

Cement tile base trim comes in 3"x8" or 5.5"x8" sizes to match common 8”x8” cement tile. Other sizes are available too. Cement tile base trim can be purchased polished or unpolished to match the tile's finish. Base trim is available in any of the 85 colors found in our Heritage Color Palette to coordinate with our Artist Series, Cuban Heritage, Geometric, Textured, or Traditional cement tile.

Cement Tile Base Trim Installation with High Toe-Kick
Cement Tile Base Trim Installation with High Toe-Kick

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