Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leaf Imprint Tile Backsplash from a Reader

For me, there's nothing better than sharing a tile installation photo from one of our wonderful customers! I received an email about two weeks ago from some good people in Winter Park, Florida. They were kind enough to show us how they used Avente's Leaf Imprint Tiles!

The email started like this and included a photo:

Here's a picture of what we did with the Leaf Imprint tiles; they are beautiful."

Leaf Imprint Tile Backsplash
Leaf Imprint Tile Backsplash

The tile's stony matte finish accents natural stone beautifully. In this installation the Leaf Imprint tiles are paired with dark slate tiles. I really like the effect created by contrast here - the decorative tiles are the focus and command your eye. The variation found in natural stone works perfectly with hand painted tiles because each tile is hand colored and no two leaves are exactly the same.

You may remember we introduced the New Leaf Imprint Tiles for Spring in March. Pressed with real leaves, these decorative leaf tiles are hand-painted on an 8"x8" format and include a Maple Leaf, Ash Leaf and Ginkgo Leaf design. Our customer chose one of each new design to create a triptych for the kitchen back splash.

Here's the tiles they chose:

Maple Leaf Imprint Tile
Maple Leaf Imprint Tile (8"x8")

Ash Leaf Imprint Tile
Ash Leaf Imprint Tile (8"x8")

Ginkgo Leaf Imprint Tile
Ginkgo Leaf Imprint Tile (8"x8")

Our Leaf Imprint tiles are popular kitchen backsplash accents. We've had other customers share their installation using the 4"x4" format as discussed in a previous post, Leaf Imprint Tiles Make the Kitchen Backsplash.

Thanks again to our wonderful customers in Florida for sharing their backsplash installation using hand painted tiles. Are you looking for inspiration with hand painted decorative ceramic tile? Our portfolio of design ideas has installation photos and concepts that's sure to help you find a design that is just right for your tile floor, wall or backsplash installation.


Lorraine Mcbright said...

Among the three, I love the maple leaf imprint tile.I like the design and the color.Very unique and cute. I am glad I found this blog. I would recommend the tile on my aunt. She will love it for sure.
tile flooring ideas

Bill Buyok said...

Lorraine, thanks for chiming in. The Maple leaf is very popular. Because these tiles are handmade and made to order they can be hand colored to from anything in our palette. Hope we can provide these tiles to your Aunt.