Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Your Floor: Two Tiles to Love

Note: This week's post is by Paul Anater. It first appeared on houzz.com earlier this summer. Paul Anater maintains a provocative blog that I highly recommend - Kitchen and Residential Design. He is also a social media expert. His Twitter handle is @paul_anater. In this article, Paul talks about cement tile and quarry tile. His clear explanation about the pros and cons of cement tile is wisdom worth sharing.


Paul Anater said...

Hey, I recognize that! Thanks Bill!

Bill Buyok said...

Paul, thanks for stopping by! And, thanks for sharing this valuable post with our readers. Anybody considering cement tiles (and quarry tiles) will gain the wisdom and insight needed to make good decisions about their installation.

Joseph P. said...

Moreover they’re a long time investment. Hence you must be careful while choosing them. There is a wide range of tiles out there in the market from where you’ll be able to select that which you want.

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