Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Architectural Elements of Natural Stone

Avente has a history and passion for hand crafted tiles. Today we introduce a new partner and share their passion: the timeless beauty of hand carved stone. Today's post is a visual tour of the possibilities of carved stone.

Balustrade, Columns and Arch with Hand Carved Natural Stone
Balustrade, Columns and Arch with Hand Carved Natural Stone

The detail in these natural stone architectural elements is evident in the detail and style created by this group of artisans. Carved stone has a rich history that dates to the earliest civilizations and is glorified by the Greeks and Romans. That rich history is still honored today as you get a glimpse of some of the stunning work in this portfolio.

Architectural Stone - Fireplace Detail
Architectural Stone - Fireplace Detail

The amazingly intricate and detailed relief of the hand carved flower on the mantle (above) and column and arch (below) is the sign of an artisan dedicated to their craft.

Detail on Stone Column and Arch
Detail on Stone Column and Arch

Hand carved stone and architectural elements are often used to create formal settings. However, these same elements work well for more casual homes, as shown below.

Architectural Stone for Fireplace
Architectural Stone for Fireplace

The variation and fossilized elements in some natural stone creates subtle interest with classic architectural elements.

Hand Carved Architectural Stone Columns and Fountain
Architectural Stone Columns and Fountain Showing Colors

Several colors are available ranging from light red and rust to cream and beige from the locally available limestone and travertine. The most common colors are: Cream Limestone, Shellstone, Ticul (light red) and Fossilized Limestone.

Architectural Stone Pilaster
Variation in Natural Stone Pilaster

Interested in using hand carved architectural stone for your project? Avente can help. Avente Tile has partnered with a company that provides columns, fireplaces, pilasters, fountains and just about any other architectural stone element. The company achieves results that are both on-budget and on-schedule by pairing skilled craftsman and artisans with state-of-the-art technology to achieve seamless integration with your electronic architectural drawings. Contact us and let us know how we can help with your architectural stone requirements.


Blue Turtle said...

I just love the hand crafted natural stone. Things like this is very rare today. Beautiful!

J. Harp @ Interior Design Pro

Bill Buyok said...

Thanks J. Harp for chiming in!

Finding artisans that create hand carved natural stone with such stunning attention to detail is indeed rare today; but, all the more reason to cherish the beauty.