Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tile Talk Newsletter - September 2011

Project Pick: Traditional Alcala Cement Tile Patio

Traditional Alcala Cement Tile Patio
Classic Alcala Cement Tile Patio

Handcrafted cement tiles provide both long life and distinctive beauty. This stunning Alcala cement tile pattern in a custom colorway creates an eye-catching floor with its showy pattern and border using warm colors and earth tones. You can achieve this dramatic look for about $10 a square foot. The border nicely frames the pattern in a room or hallway and is a traditional method of using cement tiles to create a 'rug'.

Solid color cement tiles are used to fill the edge of the room and any irregular shapes outside the cement tile carpet. Using solid color cement tiles on the edge of the room also simplifies an installation because cuts don't effect the border or field pattern.

In this beautiful installation, Traditional Alcala Cement Tiles are warmed with a fall color palette of:

Suede Cement Tile Blonde Wood Cement Tile Indian Red Cement Tile Brown Cement Tile
Suede Blonde Wood Indian Red Brown

You can use these colors to create a totally different feel in an alternate palette that uses cool blues:

Traditional Alcala Cement Tile Patio
Traditional Alcala Cement Tile Pattern in Cool Blue

Amber White Cement Tile Chocolate Cement Tile Stormy Blue Cement Tile Bayou Waters Cement Tile
Amber White Chocolate Stormy Blue Bayou Waters

See how color changes the look and feel of the tile? Don't be limited by these colorways. Get creative and design your own color scheme. Choose from any of the 89 colors available in the exhaustive Heritage Cement Tile color palette.

Save 15% on Select Cement Tile

Traditional Cement Tile with Contemporary Bold Colors

That's right, save 15% off select cement tile orders over 100 square feet. It's the best cement tile prices you'll find anywhere. Just mention coupon code FALLTILE when you place your phone order.

Call us to receive a FREE estimate including handling and freight. Sample stock of many patterns is available for immediate shipment. Allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery of most orders. Call 888.739.4972 (9-5 PDT M-F) and place your order today. This offer is valid for Cuban Heritage Tile, Traditional Cement Tile, Geometric Cement Tile, Textured Cement Tile, Heritage Solid Color Cement Tiles, or Artistic Cement Tile, only and does not include shipping or handling. Offer expires October 31, 2011.

Design Tip:

Use tile as your color key for design. Interior Designer, Lisa M. Smith at The Decor Girl Blog points out that, "Color has to start somewhere." Colors for a room, home or cement tile pattern create a color palette and come from a color key. Lisa adds that, "Using a color key works like a charm, every single time."

She further explains what a color key is and how to use it.

Color Key: This is your color road map for interior success. An object used as the basis for the color scheme of a room or home. It may be a piece of fabric, artwork, or a rug. Colors which appear in a color key are selected for areas and furnishings. Each color used in the room or home needs to appear in or coordinate with this piece.

Find out more in her post How To Create Color Palette Success.

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