Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Hand Painted Relief & Field Tiles

A few weeks ago we showed how a customer used the Relief Tile Medallion for a Kitchen Backsplash and our August Tile Talk Newsletter featured more eye-catching concepts for a kitchen backsplash use these Sculptural Relief Tiles. Today we give a sneak peak as some of the new hand painted field tiles and relief tiles from this artisan studio.

Scuptural Relief Anthropology Hand Painted Tile
Anthropology Hand Painted Relief Tile

The new Anthropology relief tiles (above) are available in a full line of glazes and features nature-inspired motifs like flowers, leaves, birds and dragonflies. The decorative accent tiles include trims, borders and accent dots. This line works great with field tile from the same studio in complimentary glazes.

Speaking of glazes, I'm in love with the weathered barn-wood look of the new Homestead Fallen Leaves (below). The glazes provide an amazing complexity to a rustic feel. The use of just a few relief tiles as accents really adds interest and depth.

Homestead Fallen Leaves
Homestead Fallen Leaves

Look at the dramatic effect you can create with field tile in rich, deep glazes and unique shapes.

Dusk with Silver Cathedral & Morgan Glaze
Dusk with Silver Cathedral & Morgan Glaze

Delphine Twilight Hand Painted Tile
Delphine Twilight Hand Painted Tile

Sculptural Relief Aurora Triptych with Chowder Glaze - Hand Painted Relief Tile
Aurora Triptych with Chowder Glaze - Hand Painted Relief Tile

Glazes for hand painted tile are an amazing mix of chemistry, magic and skill of the tile artisan or glaze master. Notice how the same Chowder glaze applied to different relief tiles creates a different effect? The Aurora Triptych (above) is light and feathery - almost delicate. The Zena (below) is a bold, strong pattern. There are only a few artisans that can consistently produce these rich glazes and artistically apply to them to create amazing effects with relief and field tiles. We are always pleased to share these fine talents and works of tile art.

Zena Hand Painted Relief Tile - Chowder Glazes
Zena Hand Painted Relief Tile - Chowder Glaze

This stunning set of Sculptural Relief Tiles and field tile is hand crafted in the United States. This is a great line for designers and architects because of the number of different glazes available. Remember, many of the concepts shown here are new and won't be available on our web site for a few months. What's your favorite new concept or glaze?

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