Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Tour of VISION House® in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®

While in Florida last month, I took a tour of a new home, the VISION House® in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®. VISION House is presented by Green Builder Media®.

VISION House® Living Room
The Vision House Living Room

A twitter friend, Mark Johnson, was kind enough to invite me and a few others to join. At the time, the attraction was not open to the public and there were countless last-minute details to complete before opening day. So, I was thrilled to get a "sneak peak" before the official unveiling on Earth Day (April 21, 2012). The tour group included architects, designers and bloggers.

VISION House in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot is an attraction – not a real home. You are a guest of the Monteverdi family and receive a guided tour. During the tour, your guide explains the features of the home and how green building technology and standards have been applied. You’ll discover how whole-home automation works, how the home can generate energy, save energy and conserve water. Technology is a key theme and you’ll see how intelligent products and advanced technologies provide a key role in reducing our impact on the environment.

VISION House® Dining Room and Kitchen
Dining Room and Kitchen

One of the cornerstones of the tour is showcasing sustainable living solutions. Another theme is that buildings are not simple shelter. They are an interactive set of systems that work together to create a green living environment for inhabitants. "Sustainable living is about taking personal responsibility," says Green Builder® Media CEO Sara Gutterman. As you explore the home you’ll discover ways to take responsibility and provide for a greener tomorrow.

VISION House® Bedroom
Triple pane windows with inert gas provide better insulation

The bathroom has showers and faucets that provide spa-like experiences; but still conserve water. There is a toilet that raises and lowers the seat with a foot pedal and plays your favorite music. It also has a built-in seat warmer. I wasn't able to find out much about the tiles!

VISION House Bathroom
The Bathroom uses devices that save water

We are all familiar with the benefits of solar panels. One of the most cutting-edge innovations I saw are smog-eating roof tiles. They absorb smog in the air and filter it.

Detached home office with solar panels and smog-eating roof tiles

I was thrilled to see quality design being presented with sustainable and green solutions. I would liked to have seen tile incorporated more in the design and I think tile will play a prominent role in green building. It's important to remember that green living doesn't start with a new home tomorrow. It starts today with the choices you make and can be as simple as turning off a light, grocery shopping with re-usable grocery bags and re-cycling. When choosing new appliances look for the most energy efficient one and when it comes time to build or remodel don't forget about VISION house. The green building and sustainable living technologies you see are available today.

I hope you enjoyed the "sneak peak" tour. If you are at Epcot make time to visit VISION House® or feel free to explore online at visionhousegreen.com.

Thank You

Thank you Mark for organizing this tour. I appreciate Sara Gutterman and Ron Jones of Green Builder Media for making time to spend with us. Green Builder Media is responsible for a series of demonstration homes built around the country that showcase the latest in green design, building techniques, and products. I'm looking forward to VISION House Los Angeles and will share that home tour as well.

About the Sponsors

Green Builder Media’s VISION House® Series is comprised of demonstration homes built around the country that showcase the latest in green design, building techniques, and products.  Each house utilizes site-specific solutions for key green building issues including energy use, water conservation, land use and orientation, waste management, indoor environment quality, and products and materials.

VISION House® in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® Logo

About Green Builder Media

Green Builder® Media, LLC is the leading media company in North America focused on green building and sustainable living. With a comprehensive suite of print and digital media solutions, demonstration projects, case studies, online training, and live events, Green Builder Media assists building professionals in preparing themselves for the new green economy and helps homeowners understand how to live more sustainably. For more information go to Green Builder Media.

About INNOVENTIONS at Epcot®

INNOVENTIONS is located in the heart of Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Creativity and imagination abound as guests celebrate the inspiration and innovations that improve their lives and expand their horizons. Hands-on, interactive exhibits allow children and adults to be immersed into ideas that inform, entertain and inspire. For more information online visit INNOVENTIONS.


The VISION House® in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® opened on Earth Day 2012. It is a groundbreaking green show home exhibit presented by Green Builder® Media in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering. This experiential exhibit in the heart of Epcot® highlights the very best in green residential design and sustainable living. Visitors should leave with a greater understanding of green design, technology, and products as well as a host of sustainable living ideas that they can incorporate in their lives the minute they get home from vacation.

Other Sponsors

Other sponsors for this exciting project include Siemens, GM, Ingersoll Rand, Boral, Hanwha Solar, Panasonic, Pella, Schott, National Fire Protection Association, Armstrong, and Kohler.

Note: This is the second in series on home tours. you’ll find this post strays from our policy of discussing hand crafted tile to belatedly honor Earth Day.


CB Whittemore said...

Wow, Bill, what an amazing experience! Thanks for the photos and commentary. I feel like I was there.


Bill Buyok said...

CB, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. It was interesting to see the "house" and meet the minds behind it - a group really committed to sustainable living. We all need to start making "greener" choices everyday and VISION house helps keep that goal front and center.