Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cement Tile Stair Treads Provide a Great Look

When considering handmade cement tile for an installation, customers often ask, "How do I finish a stair riser or stair tread with cement tile?" The question most often occurs when we are discussing cement tile trim, molding and finished edges. So when considering an installation for a landing or stairway, I recommend cement tile treads and risers.

Cement Tile Treads and Stair Risers

The cement tile stair tread provides a finished edge or bullnose that covers the riser. Additionally, you'll notice a set of grooves and ridges that provide additional traction to reduce trips and falls. You'll generally find two common cement tile treads for stairs: an 8" and 12" width. It does vary by manufacturer though. I think a drawing really helps, so here's a dimensional cross-section and isometric drawing on an 8" and 12" wide stair tread:

Cement Tile Stair Tread #1 8"x12"
8"x12" Stair Tread Illustration

Cement Tile Stair Tread #2 10"x12" (25cm)
10"x12" Stair Tread Stair Tread Illustration

Here's a few tips if you decide to use cement tile treads or risers:
  1. The tread is only available in solid colors.
  2. Generally, the tread color should match the solid color used to fill the area outside of the pattern and border.
  3. Match the height of the cement tile riser to the stair height to avoid cuts. Don't forget the riser is "sandwiched" between the back top of one tread and the front bottom bullnose of another tread.
  4. If you are creative, consider patterned cement tiles for the riser; however, you'll probably need to cut the tiles since most stair risers are between 5" and 6" high. This will alter the pattern and create a different and complimentary look.
  5. You can also use decorative ceramic tiles or field tile for the stair riser.

Cement Tile Treads - View Looking down Stairwell

Handmade cement tile – whether functional stair treads or decorative tiles - offers both design creativity and functional solutions that you won't find with most other tiles. Let us help you explore the possibilities of cement tile. Take a look at some of Avente's cement tile and concrete tile design ideas and you'll discover your own unique style.

Will you let us know which you love most?


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