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Create a Spanish Tile Design with Rustic Pavers

A beautiful floor tile design really makes a tremendous statement in your room. There is so much more to a floor than the tile itself. The pattern or layout of the floor tiles along with the accent tile will change both the look and the feel. It’s definitely a case where the sum is greater than the parts.

The Spanish Floor tile layout makes this hall seem quite grand.
The Spanish Floor tile are placed On Point to make this hall seem grand.

I’ll share some inspiring floor tile designs that will help you plan your own project. Learn how to use traditional patterns and designs to create your own unique floor tile layout. Don’t be afraid to get creative – I recommend getting several square feet of the tiles that interest you. Try different tile formats and/or shapes in various layouts. Add smaller dot or accent tiles for color and texture. The tile layouts in today's post are primarily used for tile with rectangular or square shapes. If you are thinking about using arabesque patterns or other shapes like a hexagon or octagon, then stay tuned. We'll discuss those tile layouts in an upcoming post.

Tips for Floor Tile Design

Before you select your tile, think about how you might like to lay it out. Choose a tile that is available in many different shapes to give you the most flexibility. Our Rustic Paver formats are available in these shapes and are made to order.

Rustic Paver Formats
Rustic Cement Tile Paver Formats and Sizes

Choosing a floor tile can be intimidating because the choices are expansive. Focus only on the room (patio, bathroom, kitchen, and sun room) where the tile is being installed. Follow these steps, and deliberately choose:
  • Tiles appropriate for the application or use (residential floor, swimming pool sideboard).
  • A theme for the room (such as, mid-century modern, Spanish Revival, or seashells for the bathroom, chickens for the kitchen).
  • A color scheme. Focus on a main color and one or two accent colors.
  • Design elements that support or work with your theme and color choices (crackle tiles for a rustic look, hand-painted tiles for a Spanish home, blue pool tiles).
  • A floor tile layout. Start with a look or pattern you like from those below, or you can view even more Tile Paver Patterns online.

Common Floor Tile Design Layouts

Grid or Straight lay. This straight-forward tile showcases the beauty of the tile.

12"x12" Rustic Pavers (Hermosa Blend) on a straight lay or grid.
12"x12" Rustic Pavers (Hermosa Blend) on a Straight Lay or Grid.
Brick, Running Bond or Offset. Tiles are offset by half the width of the tile. Works with rectangular and square formats. This is a nice way to blend tiles of different color.

Rustic Spanish Pavers (Cotto Dark) in a Running Bond Layout
Rustic Spanish Pavers (Cotto Dark) in a Running Bond Layout
Diagonal or On Point. Tiles are set at a 45-degree angle to the room walls. This layout will generally give the room a larger feel.  Mix with a grid layout to provide interest between rooms or transitions where the same color tile is being used.

Heritage Cement Tiles (Fire Brick Red) Laid on Point
Heritage Cement Tiles (Fire Brick Red 8"x 8") Placed On Point.
Checkerboard. Tiles in two alternating colors are placed straight or on point. Traditionally done with black and white or other high contrast colors.

Checkerboard  Layouts use tiles in two alternating colors.
Checkerboard  Layouts Use Tiles in Two Alternating Colors.
On Point with Dots. Field tiles are notched for small dot tiles. The dots are accent tiles that can be placed on a regular pattern or randomly.

Spanish Floor Tile on Point with Accent Dots
Spanish Floor Tile On Point with Accent Dots
Spanish Tile Dot with On Point Paver Layout
Spanish Tile Dot with On Point Paver Layout
Hopskotch or Pinwheel. A small square tile is surrounded by four larger ones on each side. Only specific ratios of tile will for this layout Works well for plain tile or incorporating decorative tiles with an accent.

A Pinwheel Layout Using Spanish Tile as Accents.

Create your Design with Rustic Pavers

Our Rustic Cement Paver Tiles are the perfect choice if you want to create a stunning floor design using patterns. You’ll find both Classic and Premium colors. Classic color pavers have the same appearance as clay bisque tiles and offer the look and feel of tile floors found in Mediterranean climates. Premium Color pavers include both bisque and more contemporary colors.
Start designing a rustic paver layout today to create a unique and stunning floor. Click the link below to view our catalog of Rustic Paver colors, formats, and options, or call us at 888.739.4972 (Toll Free). We are open 9 AM - 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday.

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