Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thanks Tile Heritage Foundation

There are few things I like more than seeing stunning tile installations, new tile designs and meeting creative tile artists! Let's just say I had a pretty stellar day last week when I was combing through the daily emails and found this curious email from the Tile Heritage Foundation.

SUBJECT: Tile Heritage WINNER! You are the recipient of two wonderful tile panels

Dear Bill,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s our pleasure to let you know that your name has been drawn from the group of December 2013 THF Matching Fund Donors, "Fund the Founder's Legacy." You are the recipient of the two wonderful tile panels pictured below!

Sheila A. Menzies, Executive Director
Tile Heritage Foundation

Monnlight Mural Panel by Richard Keit & Mary Kennedy of RTK Studios in Ojai CA
Moonlight Mural Panel #1
Monnlight Mural Panel by Richard Keit & Mary Kennedy of RTK Studios in Ojai CA
Moonlight Mural Panel #2

Thank You THF & RTK Studios

Much to my surprise, as a donor, my name was included in a drawing for this pair of tile panels. What a thrilling surprise! Thank you Tile Heritage Foundation! What a joy to get such a lovely book-ended pair of exquisite tiles. Sheila explained that the Moonlight Mural panels are the creation of Richard Keit and Mary Kennedy of RTK Studios in Ojai, CA. They are both terrific and prolific artists with a curriculum vitae that includes royalty and Hollywood's A-list.  
Bill Buyok won this pair of tile panels from the THF in a drawing.

Thank you Richard and Mary - your kindness and support of the THF in this expression of art is greatly appreciated and will be fondly included as part of my Spanish-style home in Los Angeles. Yes, I already know where I want to incorporate this pair of tiles into my home. More on that later.

Donate to the Tile Heritage Foundation

As you might have guessed, I have long supported the Tile Heritage Foundation because of their tireless efforts to both preserve tile as an art form and to inform the public about ceramic tile. To find out more about this great and very generous organization, read a previous post I wrote called, Thanks to the Tile Heritage Foundation. They provide services and information through their staff, library, and collections. Currently, the THF is hard at work developing a web-accessed archive and index of their collection. Keeping these treasures in the public eye for posterity is part of strategic goal for this organization and one that I strongly support. I encourage you to Donate to the THF today!

Thanks again to the Tile Heritage Foundation, Sheila Menzies, and Richard Keit and Mary Kennedy of RTK Studios for providing me with so much joy! Receiving the Moonlight Mural tile panels made for a truly tileicious day! - , Avente Tile

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