Tuesday, January 7, 2014

13 Top Selling Tiles from 2013

As another year begins, I always like to take stock of went well for Avente and where the company can improve. I also like to review the year's top selling tiles. This informal review provides some insight as to what's trending in tile.

Last year, I reported that for the "first time in three years, a white tile was not our top seller!" That trend continues in 2013; but, white is still a strong contender. In 2013, Avente was sourced for a record number of commercial projects which certainly impacted the top of the sales list. Our top selling tile was tied in the #1 and #2 spots by the same cement tile pattern and colorway: Bayahibe in black and white and the Cluny C. Here's the list!

Top Selling Tiles of 2013

  1. Classic Cluny C 8" x 8" Patterned Cement Tile in Black & White

    Classic Cluny C Cement Tile

  2. Traditional Bayahibe Cement Tile 8" x 8" (Black & White Colorway)

    Traditional Bayahibe Cement Tile
  3. Mission Trebol B 8" x 8" Patterned Cement Tile in Black & White.

    Mission Trebol B Cement Tile

  4. Classic LaRochelle - A 8" x 8" Handmade Cement Tile

  5. Mission Plain White 8" x 8" Cement Tile

    Mission Plain White 8 x 8 Cement Tile
  6. Heritage Olive Green 14" x 14" Cement Tile

    Heritage Olive Cement Tile
  7. Bruselas B 8" x 8" Cement Tile

  8. Arabesque Aragon Spanish Paver Cement Tile

    Arabesque Aragon Spanish Paver
  9. Malibu Carrillo B 6" x 6" Hand Painted Ceramic Tile

  10. Cuban Heritage Cross Design 110 2B 8" x 8" Handmade Cement Tile
  11. Cuban Heritage Medallion Design 110 2B 8" x 8" Handmade Cement Tile

    Cuban Heritage Design 110 2B
  12. Malibu Latigo A 6" x 6" Hand Painted Ceramic Tile

    Malibu Latigo A 6 x 6 Hand Painted Ceramic Tile
  13. Arabesque Sintra Spanish Paver Handmade Cement Tile

    Arabesque Sintra Spanish Paver Handmade Cement Tile

Cement Tiles Remain Popular

As you can see, cement tiles dominate our top-selling tile list, with our new Malibu ceramic tile line making two appearances. I think cement tiles will continue to become increasingly popular - especially with the design community because:
  • Cement tiles provide stunning designs with straight-forward installation and minimal maintenance.
  • Existing patterns can be easily customized with a myriad of colors.
  • New patterns can be created and customized for minimal costs.
However, I don't think we will see the growth in cement tiles next year, like we have over the past five years. The market is becoming more mature and cement tile will command a larger market share.

Top Selling Tiles from Previous Years

Here's a look at top selling cement and ceramic tiles from previous years.
I always enjoy re-discovering what tiles were the top sellers. There are always surprises and fond memories. It's very clear that the American market isn't afraid of pattern; but, it is still timid of strong, bold colors. — Written by , Avente Tile

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