Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cuban Tile Makes Grand Entrance for Resort Hotel

The hypnotic pattern of our Cuban Heritage Design 110-3B 8x8 handmade cement tile features prominently in this resort's airy and grand entry. Nestled between architectural elements of arches and columns, this handmade cement tile rug, which features an original Cuban tile pattern and a polished finish, will withstand decades of high foot traffic with proper care and maintenance. Not only is it beautiful, but it adds to the sustainability factor with its long lifecycle.

Looking closely at the 110 3B cement tile pattern, you can see and appreciate the subtlest of details and the artisanal touches that went into making this tile. The tiniest nuances are accentuated with color and/or flowing decoration. Coupled with details and precision, handmade cement tiles are unlike any other flooring choice.

The colors used in this pattern, from our Heritage Cement Tile Color Palette include:


Pecan Pie


Ash Gray

Steel Blue

Tips for Creating a Cement Tile Rug

The key to creating a long-lasting, successful cement tile rug installation is planning, and a good sketch or drawing done to scale showing the placement of the tiles. Here are some tips to get you started. For more information or advice, visit our page on How to Create a Cement Tile Rug Design:

  • Use the same size border tile as field tile. It makes the installation and layout much easier.
  • If you choose to use border tiles that are a different size from your field tile, your rug width and length must be a multiple of both tile sizes to avoid unsightly cuts in the border pattern. Don't run the border to the edge of the room.
  • Allow for at least one or more rows of solid colored field tile outside the border.
  • Center the rug in the main area of an irregularly shaped hallway or entry.
  • An extremely level surface is critical for any cement tile floor installation.

Handcrafted cement tiles are capable of grabbing the attention of anyone who enters your home or establishment from the moment your guests walk in. Read more about How to Create a Cement Tile Rug Design.

For more information about cement tile selection, customization services, or available sizes, shapes and more, please see our new Guide to Buying Handmade Cement Tile.

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Autumnal Musings



"I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house." — Nathaniel Hawthorne

The trees have begun to shed their coats of leaves in preparation for their winter hibernation. With their shades of green, gold, orange and brown, we seem them fluttering onto the streets and lawns in the same way a child goes down a playground slide.

Autumn is a curious season where we take joy in Mother Nature's last hurrah until the awakening in Spring. The same sentiment holds true for upcoming remodeling or redesigning projects. Now is the perfect time to place your order for those Cuban cement tiles you've been eyeing for your patio, kitchen, bathroom, entry, and more. Add customization services, and you'll be all set for your project, with the tiles in hand and ready to be installed.

Just like Mother Nature, every good thing takes time. Handmade cement tiles are just that  handmade. Because of the Old World techniques our manufacturers still employ, some things just can't be, and shouldn't be, rushed.

Save on Spanish Cadiz Tile

Our hand-painted, Cadiz Spanish tile makes a bold design statement when used for a kitchen backsplash or stair risers.
Hand Painted Spanish Tile - Valencia PatternOur Spanish Cadiz 6"x6" Ceramic Tile is part of our extensive Spanish Ceramic tile collection. The pattern is created using traditional Majolica glazing techniques and each tile is hand-brushed by the artist.

Brighten your home with the warm gold and deep blue in this Spanish ceramic tile. This month only, we're offering 10% off any Cadiz 6"x6" purchase made. Discount applies only to stock on hand. You must place your order over the phone and mention the "FALL" coupon code at the time of purchase.

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