Saturday, January 17, 2009

GirStone Pavers: A Green Landscaping Product

GirStone pavers are hand-made with natural materials. This unique product creates the look of cobblestones and flagstones. They are so realistic, you can't tell the difference. GirStone pavers are great for landscaping, commercial architecture projects, residential patios and pools.

These pavers are durable and versatile. You can mimic the ancient cobblestones of Europe, create a modern look or a rustic feel.

GirStone pavers have anti-slip qualities, even when wet! They are perfect for pool decks, pool coping or outdoor patios. In addition, they are extremely durable and frost resistant.

Hand-made from natural-occurring products, they are air-dried which is great for the environment. GirStone pavers are considered a green product!

The GirStone line comes in three colors: cream, gray, and red.

The appearance of these pavers only improves with time and wear. Shown is a cream GirStone installation after several years. A "patina" has developed from use and the elements that adds character.

Remember, GirStone pavers are a green product. They come in various thicknesses for either commercial or residential applications or high and low traffic areas. To obtain pricing and quotes for this incredible green product in North America contact Avente Tiles. GirStone Pavers are manufactured under license in the Dominican Republic by Aguayo Tiles.

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Cecile said...

The GirStone line of pavers, cobblestones, and flagstones are great for landscaping, commercial architecture products, residential patios and pools. These versatile pavers can create 18th Century styling reminiscent of Europe, but can also be used for a modern look or a rustic feel.

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